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3D Printed Programmable Watch By 8-Year Old??


“Introducing the O Watch: a kid’s programmable smartwatch. With the O Watch, you will be able to program games, like Rock, Paper, Scissors, and…make programs that will calculate values, such as the value of pi,” says Omkar. “The O Watch is made using an Arduino-compatible core…Arduino is an awesome platform for kids like me to get started with programming.”



EMCopy For Multithreaded, Differential File Transfers On Legacy Systems

Robocopy is my go-to when I need to move data from server to server while preserving NTFS permissions and other particulars. Well, it has support for multithread file copy but only with Win2k8 or newer systems. If you need to move a whole lot of stuff off a Win2k3 server, that feature is not available. Enter EMCopy which is old system friendly… Also, if there is a retry in the process I can set a flag to check both file size and date to compare what needs to be copied…

For example:

emcopy.exe \sourcePath \destinationPath /de /s /th 16 /r:5 /w:45

/de          check both the file and date info to compare… only transfer non-existing data

/s            copy subdirectories

/th 16      enable threading with 16 (default number of threads is 64, maximum is 256)

/r:5          how many times to retry

/w:45       how long to wait between tries

We use EMC’s Isilon NAS solution here at UNT and I must to say that going to an OS-free file server is pretty refreshing to say the least!

Microsoft Azure Mobile Engagement For iOS Swift

Very interesting article demonstrating how to use Microsoft’s Azure Mobile Engagement with iOS Swift (and Obj C)…

This topic shows you how to use Azure Mobile Engagement to understand your app usage and send push notifications to segmented users to an iOS application. In this tutorial, you create a blank iOS app that collects basic data and receives push notifications using Apple Push Notification System (APNS). When complete, you will be able to broadcast push notifications to all the devices or target specific users based on their devices properties.

read the whole story here

Office 365 API

Straight from the source, Microsoft’s Office 365 API docs here

The Office 365 APIs are REST services that provide access to Office 365 data, such as: mail, calendars, and contacts from Exchange Online; files and folders from SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business; users and groups from Azure Active Directory.

Login Using Facebook iOS For Swift SDK

Facebook has recently revised their iOS SDK and here is a nice little tutorial on how to integrate user logins…

It’s been a long time but Facebook has finally released a new version of their SDK. It’s not built using Swift, I guess that still makes it compatible with Objective-C. In this tutorial we’ll go through the steps to install the SDK and implement Facebook Login using the SDK in Swift.

UNT College of Music iOS app

Hot of the presses, I’m very excited to have written and published the UNT College of Music iOS app -follow link to download. It’s universal for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

This is the only app for a college or area in the UNT System that I’m aware of, and definitely the best looking although I may be a little biased 😉

It’s written entirely in Swift and is very snappy I must say… a much more convenient and faster way than any browser to see what’s going on with the College of Music. This is the first release (and first app for the College of Music) so there are bound to be some improvements for next release update in summer sometime. Excited to bring the CoM into the app world!

From the iTunes description…

The UNT College of Music iOS app brings together the event calendar, programs, social media feeds from areas, libraries, and more!

– Quickly flip through events and access program information
– Tap event dates to add to iOS calendar
– Social media hub with area feed settings
– Maps and contact information
– Universal for iPhone, iPad, & iPod in portrait/landscape
– The best way to connect with the CoM!

Xcode 6.3 Crash Reporting

According to Apple, the new crash reporting service streamlines the development process by helping app makers find and resolve bugs that cause random crashes, as well as other logged problems.

The new system compiles crash logs from apps submitted to the App Store and beta testing service TestFlight with debug symbols, aggregating the resulting data directly into Xcode as crash reports. Coupled with an enhanced Organizer window, developers can more easily triage crashes and fix faulty code.

Apple Insider