iOS 6 Maps: It’s no Google Maps

I know departing from Google Maps in iOS was an obvious must for Apple to continue to roll their own… but I think they have a ways to go before it’s as polished as Google’s. I’m playing around a lot with it but still defer to Google Maps for any location/directions needs. As awesome as Apple is with user interfaces across all their products, it will be interesting to see how they handle the app shortcomings and compete with the mapping beast that is Google. Google sometimes seems intentionally bad with UI in comparison to how well they do other things.

What’s Wrong With Apple’s New Maps?

iOS 6 Benchmarks

Here is an interesting set of tests for how iOS 6 stacks up across devices and versions via Macworld

I’m using an iPhone 4 (not S) and iOS 6 definitely feels more responsive than 5 as far as snappy app launching/switching…


iOS Safari Web Inspector

iOS 6 now has the web inspector for Safari which is a much needed tool for anyone wanting to fine tune their website (or UIWebviews for that matter) for iOS. It’s a new option in the Settings > Safari view as shown below…

Scroll to bottom of Settings > Safari and choose Advanced:

ios safari settings panel

Then toggle the Web Inspector ON:

ios safari advanced settings panel

From there all you do (as it says on the same pane) is open Safari on your Mac, click Develop from the menu and choose iPhone (if you don’t have that menu option in Safari, go to Safari System Preferences > Advanced, then select the “Show Develop menu in the menu bar” checkbox).