Apps To Improve Headphone Audio

I am a confessed Beyer Dynamics DT 770 Pro fanboy and have converted many a listener… in the world of high end headphones, those are my personal favorites. There are more expensive audiophile headphones for sure but for the sound quality my ears long for, these have it in spades!

Super comfortable, great noise isolation, awesome low end response -too much for some though. I also have the FOH model which adds another 10db isolation but the 770s are my fav.

Anyway, if you have some 770s or other supported headphones you may benefit from these apps with adjusted hardware equalization for improved sound.

[the app] which plays music stored on your iOS device, only works with specific headphoness, including automatic settings that “balance” those headphones, making them sound neutral — just like the mixing and mastering engineers wanted it to. 

I’m not sure I’d say “just like the mixing and mastering engineers wanted it to”, but definitely worth playing with.


iOS App Performance Tips

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When developing an iOS app, it’s critical that your app has good performance. Your users expect it, and it will hurt your reviews if your app appears unresponsive or slow.

However, due to the limitations of iOS devices this can sometimes be quite hard to get working quite right. There’s a lot to keep in mind during development, and it’s easy to forget the performance impact of your decisions.

That is exactly why I wrote this article! This article gathers together 25 tips and tricks that you can use to improve the performance of your apps, in the form of a handy checklist.