Xcode 6.3 Crash Reporting

According to Apple, the new crash reporting service streamlines the development process by helping app makers find and resolve bugs that cause random crashes, as well as other logged problems.

The new system compiles crash logs from apps submitted to the App Store and beta testing service TestFlight with debug symbols, aggregating the resulting data directly into Xcode as crash reports. Coupled with an enhanced Organizer window, developers can more easily triage crashes and fix faulty code.

Apple Insider

Office 365 SDK For iOS Swift

Microsoft is offering some great tools for iOS to incorporate Office 365 services with the release of MS Open Tech SDKs :

Our developers at MS Open Tech, in collaboration with the Office team, designed these mobile SDKs for native application development to enable seamless integration of Office 365 services and data with apps running on Android and iOS client platforms.

We’re migrating to Office 365 and OneDrive for Business here at UNT so it’s great timing 🙂

And this great post for getting started with the Office 365 SDK for Swift…


First iOS Public Beta

For the first time ever, the public can try out the beta of upcoming iOS releases starting in March!

In an effort to eliminate bugs from upcoming iOS versions ahead of their general releases, Apple plans to launch the first-ever public beta program for the iOS operating system, according to multiple people briefed on the plans. Following the successful launch of the OS X Public Beta program with OS X Yosemite last year, Apple intends to release the upcoming iOS 8.3 as a public beta via the company’s existing AppleSeed program in mid-March, according to the sources.

via 9to5Mac

MS Outlook iOS App

I must say, I’ve used my UNT Exchange mailbox under Apple’s native Mail app up to now but really prefer this one… especially for mail fetching time. It seems like Apple’s Mail takes much too long for just checking mail… almost like it’s syncing all folders or unnecessarily updating related notifications… This app is much more responsive.

Microsoft released a new app for iOS and Android yesterday to help you manage your inbox. Outlook, the massively popular email client for the desktop, now has an official home on Android and iOS.

Apple appears to like the app, as they have featured it on the landing page under ‘Best New Apps’ which has helped the app climb the charts in the store. Currently, the app is sitting in the 15th position in the ‘Top Free’ chart and has been climbing rapidly over the past 12 hours or so.

via Neowin