Stuff to Ask Siri

I always like these kinda Easter eggs…

This is the biggest Siri update for a while, but from time to time Siri’s memory banks get a bit of an update and he (or she) learns some cocky responses to certain questions. Last year, for example, Siri started talking back about Google Glass, and more recently the AI assistant got a bit of a bee in its bonnet about the Scarlett Johansson movie Her.

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$1,000 Apps

Hmm – I remember the I’m Rich app… but never heard about any others like it until now…

The Fleas is an iOS action game that tasks you with dispatching pests as they make their home on the back of your furry friend. It’s interesting for two reasons: First, it has a retro art style the harkens back to the early days of cinema. The second reason is that it’s priced at US$999.99.

The app was created by Vhlamlab, which, as far as I can tell, is comprised of a single person. His name is Sergiy Grachov and he lives in Cuba. I tracked Grachov down purely out of curiosity’s sake, but what he shared with me shows that despite Apple reportedly tweaking its App Store algorithms, it’s still entirely possible to game the marketplace for profit.

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iOS 7 Animations

Cool article puts it in perspective…

In order for an iPhone app to appear to be the width of an iPhone icon, it would have to be about 5.33 feet away. That is to say, if iOS animations suggest that the icons are falling away from you, they are falling about 5 feet, and moving pretty fast. Assuming it takes about 0.8 seconds for this animation to complete, the app is moving at an average of about 6.6 feet per second, or about 4.5 miles per hour: a slow jogging speed.

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