iOS 8 Animated Segues In Swift

Another especially awesome tutorial from, this time on custom animated segues…

Creating a custom segue is not difficult at all, as it consists of a standard programming technique in iOS. What is actually only required, is to subclass the UIStoryboardSegue class and override just one method, named perform. In this method the custom animation logic must be implemented. Triggering the transition from a view controller to another and back must also be programmatically performed by the developers, but this is a totally standard procedure.

Read all about it here

iOS 8.1.1 Performance Benchmarks

Nice article from Ars Technica showing the differences in performance with the latest iOS releases…

OS 8.1.1 does improve performance and stability under some circumstances, but it’s helpful to know just how much work the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and other Apple A5-based devices have to do to live within the confines of their 512MB of RAM.

iOS 8.1 Bug Rundown

Nice list of some of the most common bugs from the iOS 8.1 release over at Gizmodo …

We’ve scoured the forums and social media channels of the wider Web to identify some of the key issues that people are having, ready to provide you with some solutions. If your iOS 8.1 experience is less than stellar so far, try the fixes we’ve laid out