EMCopy For Multithreaded, Differential File Transfers On Legacy Systems

Robocopy is my go-to when I need to move data from server to server while preserving NTFS permissions and other particulars. Well, it has support for multithread file copy but only with Win2k8 or newer systems. If you need to move a whole lot of stuff off a Win2k3 server, that feature is not available. Enter EMCopy which is old system friendly… Also, if there is a retry in the process I can set a flag to check both file size and date to compare what needs to be copied…

For example:

emcopy.exe \sourcePath \destinationPath /de /s /th 16 /r:5 /w:45

/de          check both the file and date info to compare… only transfer non-existing data

/s            copy subdirectories

/th 16      enable threading with 16 (default number of threads is 64, maximum is 256)

/r:5          how many times to retry

/w:45       how long to wait between tries

We use EMC’s Isilon NAS solution here at UNT and I must to say that going to an OS-free file server is pretty refreshing to say the least!

OS X 10.9 SMB Workaround

With Apple’s new SMB2 stack changes, network shares for my 10.9 Mac users stopped working once they upgraded. I didn’t get the news until we started receiving complaints from users saying they could not connect. Strangely, some could connect but something was wrong with the temp file permissions used with MS Office files. Office will sometimes create a hidden file when opening on a network drive and in this case, users had to copy the file to their desktop, save there, and then drag back to their network share. As if the file were locked because of another user already accessing it. What a pain!

Here is a workaround I found (use at your own risk):


So far this has proved to be a good fix…